Byron Bay Adventure Event Report 2018
Like young wizards accepted to Hogwarts, our adventure began with an invitation. Tropical ones. Featuring toucans rather than owls, and matching cycling kit.

We - your friendly neighbourhood Liv ambassadors - were off to Byron Bay to look at beautiful new bicycles, ride our bicycles in beautiful places and then, finally, end up here (or at our next Liv event together) to share our excitement with you. Welcome to our Liv Byron Bay cycling adventure!


First stop - the Liv 2019 bike launch on the Gold Coast. As we entered the showroom, we split into our road, mountain biking and triathlon ‘houses’, admiring the shiny new Langmas, Intrigue E+ electric mountain bikes and some super secret models.

A couple of mannequins lost their limbs in the rush to try the new Liv Energise mountain bike gear, Spectra road kit, Macha shoes and MIPS integrated helmets. It was great to get the low-down straight from the team who help develop and test the product - so we can pass this info on in the bunch.

Lastly, we loved learning more about how Liv supports its goal of getting more women riding, through specifically-designed product, learning resources and special events - helping athletes compete in their sport, empowering women to achieve their fitness goals and growing local riding communities around the country.

Later, crater

We stood out like porpoises in a paddling pool, fuelling up at the hotel breakfast buffet in our matching skin-tight-and-oh-so-bright toucan kits. No mini croissant was going to be left behind for our 115 km ride to Byron Bay. We hopped on our Langmas and rolled out in style together, riding all of 500m before pulling in for a group shot at the beach.

From there it was blue skies, sun on our skin and a tailwind. Hard to believe this was the middle of winter! What a perfect way to knock off 100km for a couple of the ‘first-timers’ in our group. Just to help us keep it real, the potholes began - calls of “hole”, “crater”, “swimming pool” and “asteroid strike” echoing through the bunch.

Thankfully, the coastline was so stunning we reached the halfway point before we knew it, where a full VIP treatment awaited us. Liv-branded balloons, fresh fruit, baguettes (and more coffee!) in the park - one could definitely get used to this.

A few hills, some sore legs, and many smiles later, we had Byron Bay, and evening cocktail selections, in our sights.

‘Where are the wheels?’

Swapping bikes for boards was unfamiliar territory for most, but Soul Surf School soon had us feeling like pros - at least until we actually had to hit the waves! Luckily crash landings hurt a lot less in the water, and we had so much fun we didn’t want to get out.

We had time for one final round of coffee before heading home, taking a little bit of Byron Bay magic with us.

Our In Good Company series offers a range of seasonal experiences, with the aim to connect and grow the female cycling community. You can find out more here. Join us at our next event, the Spring Revival Ride on Saturday 20 October in good company.

Thousands of women have taken part in Liv In Good Company events in towns and cities all over Australia. Re-Liv some of our favourites below.
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